All time low/Good charlotte/10.02.16/Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena

Okay, so I saw all time low and good charlotte on Wednesday, I have always loved both bands- at one point all time low were my favourite band. So this night was a massive throwback to my younger teen years, I think its safe to say I was not expecting to be mentally catapulted back to my 14 year old self.

As I had already seen all time low various times in the past when they first announced the tour I didn’t rush to buy a ticket, and then they announced good charlotte as the support. I was 6 when good charlotte called it a day so I never got to see them live, so as soon as they were announced I knew I needed to go. So yes, I was going for the support but I knew I loved all time low so I didn’t feel bad.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 13.40.35.png

I am finding it hard to take in that I actually saw good charlotte’s first performance after 6 years. I mean how does one process that? I have never seen so many people hyped for a support band, apart from the young all time low fans I think everyone else was extremely excited. They were everything I expected, brilliant live performance, amazing stage presence they really didn’t disappoint. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was them to use a few all time low/blink 182 style jokes, however it didn’t steer away from their performance. They even hinted at returning later this year-which I am already extremely excited about. Finally being able to hear songs like ‘The Anthem’ and ‘Life styles of the rich and famous’ completely made the night for me, I felt like the night had ended once they had finished.

But, that was only the beginning. Whilst they were setting up the stage for all time low I had time to process that I finally saw good charlotte, which just consisted of me texting my friends telling them how starstruck I felt. Before all time low came on I was still really worried I wouldn’t enjoy them as much as honestly I wasn’t the biggest fan of ‘Future Hearts’, I’m more of a ‘Put up or Shut up’ kinda girl!

But then all time low came on and I was suddenly 14 again. During the night I found out I actually adored the new album, however I still got overly excited when they played ‘Poppin’ Champagne’ and ‘Breakout! Breakout!’-and when I say overly excited I mean i squealed like a little girl when they announced they were playing these!

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Like all time low fashion they slowed down half way through and played a few songs, including ‘Therapy’ and ‘Missing you’- I can’t explain the emotions I felt during this part of the set. Therapy has always been a song I have adored and when they played it every memory of when they were my favourite band came rushing back and I realised how much I have changed. In that second I realised (despite me insisting I wasn’t) I am still a all time low fangirl at heart.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 13.41.08.png

Overall, the show felt like a massive throwback, I felt like a child again and I loved every second. I guess both bands will stay with me forever, despite me insisting I’ve grown up. I actually feel that now I am 18 (although I feel so old at the show) I can appreciate the music more, its not just about how many bras Jack can get on his microphone stand its about the journey that the band have been on and I am proud to be part of it.

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LIVE REVIEW: Shikari Sound System

Shikari Sound System/28.01.2016/The Bunker, Cardiff


After missing their set at Reading Festival a few years back, when this was announced I knew I had to go.

I have been to a few DJ sets at Bunker before, so I didn’t really know what to expect.I knew they would play a few Shikari remixes but I was just expecting the same atmosphere as the Don Broco DJ in December. I was so wrong, the room had better atmosphere than some concerts I have been to. Obviously the remixes of Shikari songs went down a treat, but it felt like the crowd was full of energy for 2 hours straight, not just during their songs.

Personally, I have experienced people not giving Shikari a chance because “they don’t have the talent like other artists in this music scene” however Sound System prove all these people wrong. I guess I understand where this judgement came from, as a lot of the music heavily features electronic sounds, and people assume that any music that is made on a computer does not involve any talent, when in reality it is just as difficult as creating an album with real instruments. Luckily Shikari Sound System really did prove that the members of Enter Shikari have talent, they were able to remix songs live which still played through smoothly- I don’t know about you but I know I couldn’t do that.

Enter Shikari really proved why they have such a good reputation on Thursday night. Not all bands are able to achieve such energy, let alone on their side project. Obviously I would suggest Sound System to Enter Shikari fans, but if they are playing a festival or a small club near you then take the time to watch a few songs and I am sure it is something you will never regret, fan of Enter Shikari or not.


Top 3 live shows of 2015!!

As 2015 is coming to an end I’ve decided to start a blog once again, hopefully it’ll stick this time! As my festival and concert season has finished for the year I figured the best way to start this blog is to summarise my personal highlights of the year!


Of course, the almighty Metallica have reached the top of this list. This was a moment I had waited for since I was a little girl, and it happening the night before my 18th birthday was probably the best way to experience it (apart from on my 18th obviously). Heavy metal isn’t everyones cup of tea, personally it isn’t my favourite genre, but the chance to see Metallica is one I advise everyone to take up.

In typical Metallica fashion they gave their fans the amazing opportunity to stand on stage with them, giving them one of the most surreal experiences which I unfortunately can only imagine being part of. However, watching from afar was just as special as not only were you able to see Metallica, you were able to see the happiness of the crowd behind them. Their setlist featuring classics like: Enter Sandman, Wherever I May Roam, One, Master Of Puppets and my favourite Metallica song Sad But True. This extraordinary setlist made the night one I will never be able to forget, I think anyone who has seen Metallica can agree that they deserve their title as one of the big four as they really do give their fans a show of adrenaline and excitement.



After The Blackout split I never thought I would find a band whose live show would captivate me the ways theirs always did. However, Bring Me have proved me wrong. I have seen them at Reading festival previously so when they were announced for this years line up I was over the moon. Due to excitement Suicide Silence, There is a Hell…, Sempiternal and the singles from Thats the Spirit became my summer anthems. So when I found out about their tour, just before I left for Reading fest I knew I needed tickets.

A few months after their set after the festival and their sold out Cardiff show came about, before I even entered the arena I knew the night would be one of the favourite shows of all time. With a line up featuring my two favourite bands of 2015 (BMTH and Pvris) of course i would love every second of the night, despite not being into Neck Deep.

After waiting months to see Pvris, they really didn’t disappoint. As they were first support their set was short but it was full of energy and hits, proving to the crowd that they really do deserve their spot in the music scene at the moment. Nobody, not even the crowd, expected the band to receive the reaction they did, and during the last song Lynn had to leave stage due to her shock at how violent the crowd had become. Pvris did return to the stage after the people at front row had been taken care of, I respect her choices as someone may have been seriously hurt. Her care for the fans touched my heart, especially after the recent news of fans being mistreated by security at shows.

As expected, when bring me came on nothing could stop the excitement of the crowd. Within seconds pits opened up, and the energy filled the room. Their set consisted of hits from That’s the Spirit and Sempiternal, throwing in Chelsea Smile and Blessed with a Curse (which pleased my 14 year old self). Its hard to put into words how amazing they are live, I think its just something you need to experience for yourself. They are a band with such energy and passion, and this year they have really proved that they deserve to be one of the biggest rock bands around.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 14.27.48.png


It took me a while to decide whether this was a highlight, the night was full of emotions happy and sad (mainly sad i don’t think anyone waiting for the band after the show was full of joy and happiness, it was just a bunch of people waiting to meet and thank the blackout for the last time- I say last time I’ve seen Sean more since the band have split up then I did when the band were together). I tried to savour every moment of the night, screaming to my hearts content but once they played hope I knew the end was near and I was over come with emotions (Its safe to say black eyeliner and mascara wasn’t a smart choice.)

So far I’ve made it sound like this was the worst night of my life, but no. Despite being full of emotion, I loved every second. I mean at a normal show its hard not to enjoy the blackout but when they play old songs, as well as all their hits how can you not enjoy yourself. Lets not forget the fire, only these guys would decide to have fire on stage at a leisure centre in Merthyr Tydfil. I think its safe to say that the band went out in style, and although it was a day I never wanted to come it was one of the best times I saw them and I will never forget that night. It’ll be weird not being able to say they were a highlight of my year next year but maybe thats why they are waiting so long to release the dvd 😉

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 16.27.52.png

Okay, so that was my top 3 of the year. It was hard to choose out of all the bands I have been lucky enough to see this year, but it was no question when it came to these three. Hopefully I will stick to this blog, and we will see what 2016 has to bring.