S M I L E // Feb 2018

Hello again, this is that part of the month where I share a handful of the things that have made me smile during the month of Feb! The Greatest Showman Possibly the best thing about this month (and a bit, I first saw it at the end of Jan) is discovering/ falling love with this […]

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Welcome to ‘bananafunday’ 2.0

Hello (really) long time no speak! To cut a long story short, I lost motivation. Blogging started to feel like a chore rather than something I enjoyed- completely ridiculous I know! However I am back and I am channeling all the positive vibes! This is technically my new year new me post (half way through […]

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My festive favourites…

That’s right.. the best time of year is upon us. As I am supposed to be writing two essays I thought it would be perfect time to write about my favourite things to do in the festive season- aka procrastination at its finest! Christmas music Yes, I am one of those people that 50% of […]

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My summer playlist!!

Second year is over and summer has begun!! With Summer typically comes a playlist, whether its a playlist you will play every single day when getting ready, play at the beach or the morning of a festival it seems to become the soundtrack of the season. My playlist typically featuresย a mixture of the artists playing […]

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