[26.05.2017] 5 things that have made me smile this month…


Hello again, Oh how I am so glad I didn’t commit to these posts being 100% weekly- between intense revision, working, catching up with people, travelling from Cornwall to Cardiff and simply finding things that have me smile I have struggled to find the time to write anything. I am hoping that end of exams (woooo)  means that these will be more frequent, but I can’t predict the future.

As it has been exam season finding things worth mentioning has been hard – I mean nobody wants to read about me finding interesting theories about standardisation do they?

While She Sleeps – 27/04/2017 – The Fleece, Bristol

Yes that’s right, during the intense revision I have managed to fit in a gig – and it was a bloody good one. As I have previously mentioned, While she sleeps have recently released a new album…and what do albums mean? An album tour.

As soon as it was announced I was all over it, while she sleeps are one of my favourite bands in the UK scene at the moment and the idea of missing a show near me just makes me sad (even so that I have bought another ticket for the Cardiff date next week!)

They did not disappoint. Like always the crowd gave it their all, so much love and so much energy. One thing I will always link to while she sleeps has to be that feeling of community, I normally see them with a huge group of friends and each time ends with us all screaming at the top of our lungs together – a feeling I tend to think it quite rare.

All The Bright Places, Jennifer Niven

Okay, saying that this made me smile may be a tad understatement. I balled my eyes out throughout the entire last third of this book.

I loved everything about it. The changing of POV, the character development, the storyline itself- all absolutely incredible.

It has been so long since I sat down and read a book which I couldn’t put down (I literally struggled. In fact I struggled so much that I finished it in a day!) I 110% recommend this book to everyone!!!

*However the book does cover the themes of suicide and mental health, so if you find those themes distressing maybe its best not to give it a go*

Harry Styles, Harry Styles 

Unexpected I know. But I can’t stop listening to this album – it has become the soundtrack to my revision (aka life).

When I first heard ‘Sign of the Times’ I knew I had to give his album a go- and I am SO glad I did. Harry has completely dropped his One Direction sound and created a new twist on modern rock and roll.

Its one of those don’t judge before you listen. In-cred-i-ble!!!

Cardiff’s sunshine

Although everyday living in my flat has been like a sauna this past week, it has been lovely. As Cardiff always appears to be raining this touch of sun has put a huge smile on my face.

I just need to get back to Cornwall now so I don’t miss out on those limited sunny days at the beach!!

2nd year being over!! 

I mean, this is absolutely terrifying. This year has been such an emotional roller coaster (I am thinking of doing a ‘2nd year of uni’ post, so I won’t go into detail), and although the end of it means I am closer to the end of my time at Cardiff I am so excited for next year!

And the end of the year means Summer, this year I have so many adventures planned for the next few months – I am so excited!!

Sydney x

5 things I’ve been enjoying this week…


Welcome to this new feature of my blog, a feature I would like to promise will be weekly but realistically might be a monthly addition.

They say blogs are the perfect way to  express yourself and that is what I’ve decided to start doing on my blog- expect some of the usual live reviews but also some late night thoughts (like my Tattoo/Taboo post) and anything in between!!

I want to make this feature a place where I come to share 5 things that have made me smile (whether it be an interaction I’ve had or TV show I’ve been watching), I would like to promise that this is something that I can commit to weekly but realistically 5 things might not occur every week.

The Walking Dead

I have been promising myself that I would start this show since Year 11 and finally in the second year of my degree I have got down to it. Since starting it I have struggled to stop watching- however that could be down to revision.

One thing I can tell you is that its an emotional roller-coaster (my favourite kind of show), you will love every-single member of Rick’s gang and your heart will break with both happiness and sadness (okay mainly sadness) about 13 times every season- yes that’s a heartbreak every episode.

I really don’t know what I am going to do once I’ve caught up to date (which is something I see happening way faster than I would like). Where am I going to get my Zombie fix???

ps. I have found The Walking Dead really easy to have in the background of revision- make it your revision friend and you will not regret it!

While She Sleeps- You Are We

This week While She Sleeps released their 4th album, and let me tell you it is great!!

I must admit While She Sleeps are a new love of mine (I have only really liked them for about 2 years) and I cannot get enough. The energy they have is incredible and whenever I listen I have an instant smile on my face. They are the type of band you have to see live, that’s when I ‘got it’ – it wasn’t until I was in the thick of their crowd I understood what they are about.

When you listen you can imagine the crowd, you can feel presence of the pit opening up even when sat in your bedroom on your own. This album has got me SO excited for summer, so excited for festivals and so excited to party!!

Go and show them some love, they really deserve it- and so do you! You deserve to know about a While She Sleeps show feels!

Mad girl- a happy life with a mixed up mind

For a while now I have missed reading, I have longed for a good book to get lost in and I’ve found it.

Bryony Gordon shares her experiences of living with a mental illness in a way that leaves smile plastered on your face. It has been a while since I’ve picked up a book and actually laughed out loud, and its something I certainly thought I wouldn’t do whilst reading a book about mental health. I am really enjoying this new approach to mental health, it opens your eyes to a new viewpoint – not everything has to be the deepest darkest shade of black.

This book is a refreshing and wonderful read. I am beyond excited to read more of her story.

A big cup of tea.

Something so simple, yet so wonderful. There is nothing better than finding your biggest mug, boiling the kettle and making a cuppa to accompany you with revision. Whether its Peppermint or your average Builders Brew I have been loving it! (shoutout to Twinnings for those fantastic blends , you’re the real M.V.Tea)

My Dog

The best part of being back from uni has to be spending the day with my dog. If I want a revision break she is more than happy to play fetch in the garden. More than happy to sit and cuddle for half an hour and just chill for a day.