If you are reading this it means you have found my blog.
I have decided to make this blog to help create a new hobby but also give purpose to my music obsessed life.
Therefore, this blog will mainly be filled with reviews on shows I attend and new albums. Helping me justify spending all my money bands. However, music isn’t my only passion in life. I am currently a student as Cardiff University studying English Language (BA Hons), so some of my posts may be on the more English side (don’t worry no grammar posts, although I study English I loathe grammar.)
As I said I am currently living in Cardiff meaning I am able to attend all these tours and experience city life, however I am originally from Cornwall so out of term time the posts may change dramatically as country side differs dramatically from city life.
At the moment I’m not sure how this blog will work out and what direction I want it to go, but hopefully you’ll enjoy coming along the journey with me.

Like every teenager (and most people to be honest) I of course have many different social media platforms. Even though my handle for all my social media is ‘bananafunday’ I thought I would make things easily accessible.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bananafunday


Sydney (aka bananafunday) x


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