[16.06.17-23.07..17] 5 things I’ve been loving…

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Hellfest, Clisson.

Last month I may my first venture into the world of European festivals- and let me tell you it was incredible. Like all festivals the atmosphere was crazy, everywhere you turned you saw a smiling face. Although the ridiculous heat (it normally doesn’t go much higher than 16 degrees in Cornwall, let alone 36 degrees!!!), and the realisation that I need to make more of an effort with languages before going abroad, you couldn’t tell it was a festival outside of the UK – which is saying something because I feel at home when at a festival and for some weird reason I didn’t think it would feel the same (but it did).

The main difference I noticed is the attention to detail (with everything)- people weren’t lying when they said it is a metal heads Disneyland. From amps as the main entrance to a statue of lemmy everything fits the theme…it is truly magical!


Game of Thrones 

Ahhhhh, everyones favourite TV show is back !! (Okay not everyones but it should be). It’s only been back for a week but this is season is already my favourite yet!! This show will continue to make an appearance on this kind of blog post!! Looove it being back- if you don’t watch I suggest you get out there and do it!!

The return of my love of reading. 

Oh how I have waited and waited for this to return. I used to adore reading, I would always have a book on the go but then I just stopped. Whether it was the pressure to read classics from a-level lit or just being too busy- i just stopped! I tried and tried to get back into it and I FINALLY have!!!

(Ps..hold tight because as much as I LOVE reading, I LOVE discussing the characters, the plot…everything! So I will be making a new addition to my blog where I am able to do so!!)


Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 18.56.53.png

2000 Trees, Upcote Farm 

My favourite festival in the world!! Two thousand trees, a 5000 capacity festival with an incredible line up and no limit on alcohol…the absolute dream. Year after year it proves to be the friendliest festival I have been to. With a fancy dress theme on the Saturday and (the best) silent discos till 3 am it has something for everyone.

Ans this year it had something even from special….


Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 18.56.18.png

My parents Wedding 

Yes that’s right….my parents got married at 2000 trees!!! After waiting 20 years, I am still shocked they actually did it!!

It was a total surprise..engagement, hen and stag and wedding in 3 days, amongst many amazing bands! Forget the highlight of the past month, 2000 trees had to be the highlight of my entire year!





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