The festival tag by ZoeLondon

As festival season is approaching it only seems fitting to attempt Zoelondon’s ‘festival tag’. I absolutely  loved the idea of this so had to give it ago, she has encouraged everyone to take part so if you’re a festival lover like me go wild!!

What was the last festival you went to?? 

Reading festival 2016. Like most people, reading is always the end of my festival season, marking the end of summer – and normally the perfect way to spend my summer. For the first time in 7 years I won’t be spending my bank holiday this way this year and it feels kinda weird, but the line up just isn’t for me this year – I mean where has the rock aspect of the festival gone?!

What was the first festival you ever went to? 

Unless you want to count all the years I attended the beach part of boardmasters, Reading 2011 was my first festival! It was an amazing year – Muse, My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars…it was incredible!

Have you ever travelled abroad for a festival? 


It’s something I’ve dreamed of doing , something I am changing this year! I know once I start I won’t be able to stop!!!

Who’s been your favourite headline act that you’ve ever seen at a festival? 

My Chemical Romance (Reading 2011). Not only was I luckily enough to see MCR before they split, but they brought out Bryan May (guitarist from Queen – as if you didn’t already know!)

Metallica (Reading 2015) were also incredible!!

And of course The Blackout headlining 2000 trees (2014) had to be a highlight, but that was expected.

What festival would you love to go to?? 

Glastonbury has to be up there, I feel like every British festival goer has to at some point!

I would love to do loads overseas such as, Rock AM ring, Groezrock, American Warped Tour!! They always have an incredible line up, UK festivals are weak in comparison.

What is the next festival you’re going to?? 
Hellfest! My first festival overseas, I am sooo excited. I’ve been told (repeatedly) that it’s a metal lovers Disneyland and to be honest I can’t think of anything better!

Do you camp or are you a hotel kinda person? 

Camping all the way!! It’s not truest the festival experience (in my eyes) if you don’t wake up, climb out of the tent and sit with friends under a gazebo!

Share your ultimate festival line up.. 

Obviously The Blackout would have to come back. Frank Carter would also have to be on the bill!!

I’d love to see Metallica again and MUSE. (This is starting to sound like a realistic Download line up)

If I could pick bands who no longer are with us, Nirvana and Queen would have to play. It would be a dream to see them!!! Also, blakfish – although they are “with” us they split up years before I found their music and I reckon they were a band to see!

Oh and of course Weezer!! (I bet they will finally do a secret set at Reading this year now that I have said this and I am not going)


I cannot wait for festivals season this year, it is going to Rock!!

Sydney x




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