The tattoo-taboo debate

In this day and age I can’t really tell if tattoos are still considered taboo? Your grandparents frown at them but almost everybody you know has one.

I’ve grown up knowing that I will never be able to get a job with tattoos yet 5 days after I turned 18 I rushed to the tattoo shop and let them ink me for life.

At 19 I have no idea what my future holds yet I have 3 tattoos and am planning to get many more- hopefully 4 by summer!!!

Tattoos on your hands considered job breakers but ones on your torso are perfectly okay?

Men can have sleeves filled with tribal ink, yet women who get anything more than flowers and butterflies get judged.

My question is: why do silly little doodles on your skin impact your future career?

Just a few months ago I found myself hiding one of my tattoos from my grandparents- a tattoo which I love SO much, a tattoo which holds so much familial meaning I would never dream of hiding it. Yet there I was, sat positioning my ankle in ways that were so uncomfortable but hid the thing I loved very much. Why you ask?? Because I knew they wouldn’t like it.

But why should that matter….I love it!!!

I (like everyone should) spend weeks and months thinking of tattoo ideas just to make sure I love them, therefore I feel I should be able to show them off without disapproving looks.ย  If I want to get a stick man on my foot then I will, and quite frankly it is nobody’s business.

So are tattoos taboo?? Only if you let them be. Express yourself in whichever way you want, and let others do it in whatever way they wish as well!! You do you, and I’ll do me!!




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