What is our Music Industry?

Do you ever find yourself dreading when a band have an announcement?? Yeah, same.

This is something I never thought I would say, the possible announcement of a new tour or album used to leave me ecstatic. A thing I never thought I would ‘dread’ seeing, yet nowadays I can never tell if it’ll be a happy announcement or the “this is it” type of announcement (something that breaks my heart seeing every time).

I’ve found myself asking the questions “who will be the next to call it a day?” and “they’ve been off the radar for a little while, I wonder if they will call it quits soon?”  waaayyy too often. It seems nearly every band I listened to in my early teens no longer exist (RIP to all the beautiful memories and amazing talent.)

Today it is rare for a band in the ‘rock music industry’ to be able to live off the music they produce. It seems its rare for a band in this industry to make it past 10 years…thats right a single decade.

You see huge names like Taylor Swift turning down the opportunity to be involved with huge streaming platforms like Spotify, and people questioning her reasoning suggesting that she earns enough anyway so its completely unreasonable. Although Taylor may be earning millions, her attitude is one that we need in order to keep our music industry alive (for this reason she is possibly one of the only ‘mainstream’ artists I have respect for). Bands cannot possibly live off albums streams, with record sales decreasing the only source of income a band has is on the road and even then without these record sales they are struggling to fund their own tours.

I am not going to pretend that I don’t use Spotify, of course like most students (and teenagers) out there I pay for my premium and enjoy all the music the [Spotify] world has to offer. This is something I never said I would do, after the split of the favourite band I swore to myself that I would always buy my music and support the bands I love. But quite frankly on a student budget its easier to pay my monthly subscription, than purchasing every album that comes out- and this way I am still able to afford the concert tickets to all these bands tours. However, where possible I try to get the physical copies (I mean I did buy 5 copies of Modern Ruin….support your favourites lads 😉).

I know that the rock music industry is fragile and needs all the support it can get. I also know that the rock music industry has some of the most dedicated fans out there, its just sad to see so many amazing bands call it a day because people aren’t supporting their music.

With people carrying the mindset that “music is owed to them”, it is no surprise that every other week we are seeing the final tour dates of a band. So please go out and buy that album, support the music you love and I can tell you now you won’t regret it!!

Sorry that this post was a ‘rant’, but its a topic that has been bothering me for a long time now and just needed to get my view out there!

Sydney x

(ps. sorry this is my first post in ages…think its safe to say I failed my new years resolution, I am going to try an be a little bit more regular from now on, luckily I have found some new motivation for blog posts recently)





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