Hello 2017!!

I guess this is where I am supposed to say “New year, New me” then list 1001 unrealistic goals that I have set for myself for the year ahead. Goals like “I will never eat chocolate again” (a goal which I have already failed- you just can’t say no to those christmas chocolates), or  “stop drinking for X amount of months” (I mean I have spent the day nursing my hangover, as they say starting the year as you mean to go on.)

However, I do have a few personal goals (more realistic) that I would like to achieve this year. I refuse to label these things as ‘resolutions’ because we all know that once you label something as a resolution all hope of you actually accomplishing these things are gone. But here are my goals for 2017:

  1. Continue to start motivated.

Since starting my degree I have struggled with keeping motivation, all throughout my GCSEs and A Levels I had the end goal of university to keep me motivated but once I got here I realised I had nothing to keep me motivated. Unlike most people I had no career goal, which in turn left me asking myself “why am I here?”

However, after months of questioning my personal career path I have finally decided, and once again have a goal to work towards. I hope this new motivation will help me plow though university, and consequently bring me closer to doing something I love.

2. Frequently upload on this blog. 

Alongside my motivation towards university I am hoping I will have better motivation when it comes to uploading on this blog. I really do enjoy sitting down and writing a blog post, but when I am trapped in university deadlines and revision writing a blog post is the last thing on my mind. I am going to aim for at least one upload every fortnight (every week if you’re lucky). I am really looking forward to having a hobby again, somewhere I can come to just destress.

3. Learn a new language. 

I know this one seems like an unrealistic goal, but it is one I have wanted to do for years. I am sick of putting things off and never actually doing the things I really want. This year I am not going to let my self doubt stop me, and hopefully end the year being able to communicate in another language (even if it is only asking for directions).

4.Be healthier. 

Like everyone I am entering the new year with the goal of eating healthy/ being healthier. However I REALLY want to achieve this, I want to cut out junk food and start looking after myself. Healthier fuel leads to a healthier mind, and I am so excited to explore a healthier lifestyle.


I really want to get a few more tattoos (and make better progress on my ‘leg sleeve’), I always said I wanted to have loads of tattoos and instead I am wasting my money on Ben and Jerry’s. So this year I want to save up and get a few tattoos (I mean I am 20 this year and only have 2?? I thought I would be covered by now!!)

So heres to 2017, I am so excited for what this year will bring. Lets hope it’ll be a good one.

Happy New Year!!!


Sydney x


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