Modern Ruin/Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes.

As there are so many albums I am looking forward to this year I thought I would try something different. I am going to try ‘reviewing’ these albums, however not in your typical magazine way. Rather than reviewing the entire album as a whole, I am going to break it down by songs, giving personal opinion of each and the deductions I can make about the meaning behind the song. So here we go..


Compared to ‘blossoms’ Bluebelle is a very calm approach to the beginning of Modern Ruin, probably making everyone scream “Is he going back to pure love again?”

Although it is nothing like Juggernaut, I think its the perfect ‘calm before the storm. It is quite clear (due to the duration and nature of the song) that Bluebelle is only an introduction to the album, however unlike most bands this intro song has substance. It is typical nowadays to hear a gradual build of loud noises (such as talking/chanting), however Bluebelle is extremely calm thoughout. Lyrically it also carries an extrememly moving message, about growing up- and almost realising that it is a good thing to grow.


As this song has been out a while I have grown to love it as much as blossoms. Frank has previously said Lullaby is about singing a lullaby to his daughter before she goes to sleep- which I think everyone can agree is absolutely adorable. When listening you can definitely see his message within the song, when listening I personally feel safe, protected and everything I did as a child when my parents would sing me songs before bed.

However I did find the placement of this track amongst the track list rather odd, I imagined it to be later in the album. But once listening to the album as a whole I have realised why it is the second track, it fits perfectly!

Snake Eyes

Again this song has been a fans favourite for a long time now, after releasing Snake Eyes back in Carter has teased fans for the new album. Snake Eyes also brought the band a wider fanbase as Radio stations loved this song (and so they should, it is amazing.)

My personal favourite part of this song has to be the bridge, the small “rattlesnake” detail accompanied by the “talking” Carter provides over the top, creates an harsh (yet awesome) contrast to the final choruses, something which I really appreciate in music.


Is it just me that thinks that Vampires adds a little more ‘muse’ to the rattlesnakes? Admittedly this is only present at the bridge, but as the first time I heard this song was during the bridge my first impression was ‘Knights of Cydonia’ (No complaints here!)

Personally, I feel this song is about someone being trapped in a version of themselves they would no longer like to be in. “Breaking under the heaviest weight” to try and escape and become the person they wish to be.

Also can we please appreciate how Blossoms had ‘fangs’ and now we have vampires, although that probably wasn’t intentional I like to think the band did that for a reason.

Wild Flowers

For me this song tells a story, from the beginning lyric “Let me tell you a story about a girl I know” I immediately thought of this song as a story. In fact after a couple of listens I came to the conclusion that this song was in fact a love story. Rather than the typical boy meets girl happy ending story, Carter illustrates the story of boy meets girl, girl helps boy discover love.

Acid Veins

Okay, its here! The song I have been waiting for for years!! If I were to describe my music taste Acid Veins would be it. Whenever I listen to this song (which has been about 50+ times since the release) I feel like I am taken over. To me this song is indescribable. Possibly the best piece of music I have heard since I first heard since Weezer’s Red Album!

If I were to suggest one song for you to listen to from Modern Ruin it would have to be this one (however you should really go listen to the whole thing.)

God is My Friend

It took me a while to create an opinion for this song (I guess coming after the best song I have ever heard didn’t leave me with an open mind).  The more I listened, the more I loved it.

Again I feel that this song is another about finding yourself trapped. Trapped in a cycle of self hatred and doubt. A cycle which can destroy a person.  As the song progresses it brings more hope,  with the lyric “don’t be afraid, I won’t be long” Carter implies he is standing up against all of this self doubt, and in effect becoming a stronger person.

However, lets step away from this ‘deep’ moment, and appreciate how amazing this will be live!  Its full of energy, and I can imagine the crowd going absolutely cray every time this one is played (I am extremely excited!!)


When I first heard Jackals it immediately reminded me of the hardcore scene; a fast, short and aggressive song.

Keeping in trend with the hardcore scene, Carter appears to be using his voice to identify the lack of voice his audience (society) have.


If I were to compare Modern Ruin to Blossoms then Thunder would definitely need to be paired with Beautiful death. Both songs are absolutely beautiful, and both capture so much raw emotion.

For me Thunder highlights the horrors families are facing everyday and questioning why our country is choosing to neglect these situations rather than help.

I think songs like this are very important in todays society, music is a wonderful way for expressing yourself as well as spreading an important message.  It is really refreshing to see (hear) an artist using their platform to spread a message so important. (And its a bonus that its a beautiful song.)

Real Life

Like Wild Flowers, Real Life illustrates the idea of someone showing Carter love, rather than bringing him love.

The title ‘Real Life’ creates satire against the mainstream medias main portrayal of love today, Love isn’t a walk in the park, it isn’t as simple as “I love you” messages and flowers. Carter illustrates a more realistic view of how ‘love’ is, expressing his need for change, a need for lust, and the “colour” to come back.

Modern Ruin

For me (and possibly any girl that attended the last rattlesnakes tour) this song captures the feminist movement. I can’t listen to this song without remembering my first ever stage dive, and I am sure girls all over the UK feel the same!

Even listening to the song I feel empowered (and just want to party), it is the perfect stage dive song in general and the fact that he dedicated it to girls makes it even more special.

Neon Rust 

Such a beautiful end to such a beautiful album. To me this song highlights the deterioration of the society we live in. Using a constant environmental metaphor to express how ‘horrible’ the world around us becoming. Referring to the beautiful aspect of society as a “sweet golden rose”, contrasting it to the “wasteland” we are slowly finding ourselves enter.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 17.54.20.pngThanks for reading. (Please remember these are all my own opinions, and please give this album a listen or two!)

Sydney x



Hello 2017!!

I guess this is where I am supposed to say “New year, New me” then list 1001 unrealistic goals that I have set for myself for the year ahead. Goals like “I will never eat chocolate again” (a goal which I have already failed- you just can’t say no to those christmas chocolates), or  “stop drinking for X amount of months” (I mean I have spent the day nursing my hangover, as they say starting the year as you mean to go on.)

However, I do have a few personal goals (more realistic) that I would like to achieve this year. I refuse to label these things as ‘resolutions’ because we all know that once you label something as a resolution all hope of you actually accomplishing these things are gone. But here are my goals for 2017:

  1. Continue to start motivated.

Since starting my degree I have struggled with keeping motivation, all throughout my GCSEs and A Levels I had the end goal of university to keep me motivated but once I got here I realised I had nothing to keep me motivated. Unlike most people I had no career goal, which in turn left me asking myself “why am I here?”

However, after months of questioning my personal career path I have finally decided, and once again have a goal to work towards. I hope this new motivation will help me plow though university, and consequently bring me closer to doing something I love.

2. Frequently upload on this blog. 

Alongside my motivation towards university I am hoping I will have better motivation when it comes to uploading on this blog. I really do enjoy sitting down and writing a blog post, but when I am trapped in university deadlines and revision writing a blog post is the last thing on my mind. I am going to aim for at least one upload every fortnight (every week if you’re lucky). I am really looking forward to having a hobby again, somewhere I can come to just destress.

3. Learn a new language. 

I know this one seems like an unrealistic goal, but it is one I have wanted to do for years. I am sick of putting things off and never actually doing the things I really want. This year I am not going to let my self doubt stop me, and hopefully end the year being able to communicate in another language (even if it is only asking for directions).

4.Be healthier. 

Like everyone I am entering the new year with the goal of eating healthy/ being healthier. However I REALLY want to achieve this, I want to cut out junk food and start looking after myself. Healthier fuel leads to a healthier mind, and I am so excited to explore a healthier lifestyle.


I really want to get a few more tattoos (and make better progress on my ‘leg sleeve’), I always said I wanted to have loads of tattoos and instead I am wasting my money on Ben and Jerry’s. So this year I want to save up and get a few tattoos (I mean I am 20 this year and only have 2?? I thought I would be covered by now!!)

So heres to 2017, I am so excited for what this year will bring. Lets hope it’ll be a good one.

Happy New Year!!!


Sydney x