Time for a little catch up…Concerts?Musicals?The best night of my life??!!

Hello again,

I’m sorry its been so long since my last post, I have been sucked into a whirlwind of deadlines and procrastination.

Every day during this past month I have been telling myself to open this blog up and write a new post, but every single time I couldn’t think of any words to write. Truth is I felt like I had nothing to talk about, or at least worthy of talking about. Of course I could review the gigs I’ve been to, but every time I started a review, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But now I feel like its the time to change that. First things first I feel I need to update you all on this past month.



Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 19.01.47.png

Gig season has finally begun again and I am so excited, nothing beats a gig on a Sunday night- especially if its bands I adore.

I know I know I know, I have already seen both of these bands many times before but when Pulled apart by horses were announced as Twin’s support I knew I HAD to be there.

Unfortunately, I seemed to be the only Pulled apart by horses in the building. It wasn’t until the last song that crowd finally started to liven up a little, of course I can’t judge a band on the crowd but when you have seen the same band with a captivated audience a handful of times, it is really hard not to compare.  Another downside had to be the setlist. I do love every single Pulled apart by horses song, but the setlist was so focused on their new album (radio one friendly album) I felt like the band that stole my heart all those years ago wasn’t there. I understand that as a band they wanted to appeal to the wider audience at the show, but personally I feel like they would have had the crowd going if they didn’t just focus on their new album.

Headliners Twin Atlantic, stole the show (of course). Every time I see Twin the entire room is full of love and happiness. They know how to bring the happiness out in a crowd, giving their audience a chance to ‘escape’ from the stresses of real life. This is something I feel is important about live music, for years I have used concerts to escape from the real world. To forget about deadlines and exams, to cheer me up when life just seems to be throwing hurdles my way- for that I will always be eternally grateful for the bands I love and I will never stop going to shows. I can just tell that Twin provide the same feeling for every single person in that room, I have always had the best experiences at Twin shows and get just as stupidly excited about seeing them every time I get a ticket. The really made me feel ‘free’ (excuse the pun) and I know everyone around me felt the same- especially the two incredibly drunk guys dad dancing for a solid hour!!


The new theatre, Cardiff. 

One thing I haven’t really expressed my love of on this blog, is theatre. Plays, musicals, pantomimes- I love them all!

For years I have taken part in and enjoyed watching theatre, although I am less involved now I am at uni it will always hold a place in my heart. So when me and my flatmates saw that ghost the musical had seats left we HAD to go. We quickly bought the tickets and headed to the theatre the next day (I know it was SUPER spontaneous, but I have no regrets).

The show was phenomenal, despite Sarah Harding’s failed attempt at acting. Adding celebrities to musicals does not add anything to the story, if anything it distracts from the story itself. Going in I didn’t have high expectations (I mean, ghost without Swayze?? you must be crazy). Although Harding did disappoint the rest of the cast were incredible, they made me laugh, they made me cry (a LOT), but more than anything they entertained me. I know its their job, and the point of a show but the last thing you want is to be bored for a couple of hours thinking about the money you have wasted!


O2 Greenwich, London. Halloween show!!

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 19.02.04.png

Yes thats right, I attended the gig of the year, the line up of dreams, and it was incredible.

For years I have been a fan of both Enter Shikari and Bring me the horizon- and when I say a fan I mean a BIG fan. I have seen them both grow into massive (arena) bands, and it has been an incredible journey!

When I first saw this line up I knew I had to go, I immediately opened my laptop on the hunt of tickets. Unfortunately, I was working when the tickets went on sale so I of course had resort to seated tickets (If you read my Muse review you will know the reason why I can’t stand seated tickets). During Shikari I had the same issues with seated tickets as I had with Muse earlier this year, people just don’t seem to have any fun!! Shikari put on an incredible show (Hoodwinker is insane live by the way) but I couldn’t get over the lack of crowd. Even during sorry you’re not a winner half the people in the arena clapped, when the norm is every single person clapping not hearing anyone near you clap is SO strange. Despite the crowd, I enjoyed every second of Shikari, them boys will never fail to amaze me!!!

The crowd finally woke up when BMTH came on, and quite frankly I would have been surprised if they didn’t. BMTH pulled out all the stops for this tour, with an incredible backdrop, an incredible setlist and each member gave it their all. I am sure you can imagine how pumped you are after seeing one of your favourite bands, then imagine having that feeling whilst watching another one of your favourites- I am very surprised I didn’t explode of joy/excitement. Every time I see BMTH they improve, and every time I think they will never be able to get better but they always do it. I am SO excited to see what the future has planned for them, whatever it is it will be MEGA!




Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 19.02.13.pngEver since the Blackout split in 2015, I have been on the hunt for a band the fill the hole in my heart. The Rattlesnakes filled that hole, and provided me with a new favourite band (Sorry The Blackout I will always love you). I just love the passion this man has for his music, the energy the band gives at a show and of course the incredible music they let out.

Earlier this year I went to go and see a band called Dagnasty with my dad, a show in the Fleece and as soon as I walked inside I saw the poster advertising this new Rattlesnakes show. I probably spent the next week talking about this show, getting excited for this show- I think the phrase I used most during this week was ” I am BUZZING.” Then tickets went on sale, possibly the most stressful experience as I knew it would sell out and I was at work- luckily my mum came to the rescue and secured them tickets.

Leading up to the show everything that possibly could go wrong went wrong: I had an essay deadline; it was raining; I missed my train; I even lost my ticket on the walk to the venue (cannot even describe how much I was panicking). By reading all of that you are probably thinking how this was the best night of my life,  I mean so far I have described it as a complete disaster.

But when playing their new song ‘modern ruin’ they dedicated it to all the girls, as Frank said “[he] grew up in a time where boys crowdsurfing was the norm, and [he] wants [his] daughter to grow up in a time where girls crowdsurfing is also the norm.” Immediately I was faced with out 10 men offering to help me up, which I replied nope! I had never crowd surfed before, my only experience is watching people fall face down into the crowd- something which really didn’t appeal to me. It took me the majority of the song to actually decide I was gonna do it, and I have gotta say it is amazing! Nothing like I thought. However, by the time I got onto the stage the song ended. So there I was stood on stage, with no song playing and absolutely no idea what to do- this moment should have been another disaster to my list of disasters that happened that day.

But no, Frank reached out took my hand and said “don’t worry you’ll get you’re stage dive” and then they burst into paradise.

Rewind a sec. He held my hand then dedicated a stage dive to me.

Held. My. Hand.

Perfect way to make my disaster of a day perfect! Not even Donald Trump winning the election brought down my mood the next day.

Incredible. I suggest all of you listen to Blossom (and Modern Ruin when it is released). and consider going to his next tour (tickets on sale tomorrow xo). It’ll be worth every penny I promise you!

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 19.02.24.pngSo yeah, aside from uni work this is what I failed to update you all on. I promise I will try not to leave it as long next time.  I am sorry its such a long post- it is literally as long as one of my essays, if only they were this easy to write! Thank you for reading.

Sydney x

*all pictures are my own*






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