3 bands I discovered at 200o trees!

One thing I love to do at festivals is watch bands I have never heard of before. I find the best way to find out about a new band is to watch them, because sometimes their live game is better than their sound on record- especially if they aren’t signed! 2000 trees is the perfect way to find out about new bands because half the time you only know a few names on the line up, but you still know you will enjoy 80% of the bands over the weekend. I found these 3 equally as enjoyable as some of my favourite bands that played the festival, which I never thought would happen as While she sleeps are a lot to compare to!

Here is 3 bands I watched at 2000 trees that I cannot get enough of now!

3. John Coffey

Do you remember that video of the guy stood on top of a crowd, who catches a pint being thrown at him and drinks it??  If not, here you go :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTlFk-chSh4 . Well yeah, this is the band!!

Playing main stage in the afternoon John Coffey brought people out of their tents and switched the miserable hangover face to happy smiles. (Obviously that viral video has helped them gain a lot of attention because they brought in a rather large crowd. One which they definitely deserved! ) I feel they put on a better show than some of the larger names that day, as they really won over their crowd. They proved that you don’t need to be a dedicated fan to enjoy the show, you just need to enjoy live music and you’ll have a great time. Despite differing from the majority of the line up and not being an underground band in the UK, John Coffey definitely fit in with the festival and its love for smaller talent!

(I have to admit I was a tad drunk during their set so can’t get the best review) All I remember is that I had the best time! Thats all I needed. I just remember smiling, laughing and enjoying amazing music. If a band can make me feel like that, its all I need.

2. Blood youth

All I can say is wow!

Like John Coffey these left me with the biggest smile on my face. Musically they remind me of beartooth- which of course is a great thing! Performance wise they are perfect, full of energy creating the best atmosphere. I don’t think anyone inside that tent wanted to be anywhere else, honestly I feel they put on one of the best performances of the weekend. I can really see this band going far in the future, I think anyone that watches them and doesn’t love them after is just crazy!

But of course my best memory of this band (and possibly the weekend) has to be starting the ‘pit’ with a guy dressed up as an astronaut-he even replaced his oxygen tank with alcohol. Never going to forget that!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 19.43.20.png


Possibly my favourite discovery of the weekend, and now one of my most played artists of the past few weeks, is Blackhole. Before the festival my dad did a bit of research, and found out that Blackhole is Richard Carters (Frank Carters brother) band, so I was obviously interested in them from the get go.

As soon as we arrived at the tent I was instantly impressed. I was physically sucked in- I only planned to watch from afar but ended up in the centre of the pit. When listening to them I got a rock and roll/Frank Carter vibe, which is basically my ideal type of music. Although, their crowd wasn’t massive they managed to captivate every single person in the tent, bring joy to both existing  and new fans (Me). I really feel that they deserved a bigger audience, they were one of the best band of the weekend for me!! Richard spent the entire set within the pit, expressing the same show man qualities that his brother also has- a reason I feel in love with the rattlesnakes and now blackhole!!

The best thing about them was that they didn’t take themselves too seriously. They were there to have fun, the way it should be! As a band they expressed everything I love, and musically really pleased my ears. They have been on repeat ever since the weekend and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.



I really hope I have the chance to see all of these bands again, and when I do I hope they bring in bigger crowds and amaze others in the future like they did to me.

(Ps: please get me back to trees! I miss it so much!!)

*All photos are my own -sorry for the lack of photos, I was having too much fun to think about taking pictures*




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