Female footprint in rock music!

Hello again! I originally planned for my first post after trees to be a massive review, but then I realised that post would be as long as the order of the phoenix and decided a couple of separate posts may be best suited.

Quick update: trees was amazing, hands down my favourite festival!!

A thing that has been stuck on my mind since trees, is something Dennis Lyxzén (lead singer of refused) said. He highlighted the fact that out of the 200+ bands at the festival only 8 of them included female artists, showing a clear lack of female names on the line up. He said that it was up to men to change this and destroy the patriarchal system, and that we need to see an increase of female artists so by 2021 the stage will be 50/50 men and women.

I obviously agree that festivals (and the industry) need to welcome more female artists as the difference in numbers are ridiculous. However, I feel it is almost impossible to make this industry 50/50, especially in a matter of 5 years. An equal number of bands just don’t exist, and even if they did they aren’t on the same level as some of the big (male) names. For example, paramore are a massive female fronted band but for every paramore there is a metallica, a blink 182, a foo fighters, a green day and a biffy clyro (and the list goes on and on).  These big names have become big names due to talent, and although it is a shame none of them feature female musicians there is nothing that can be done, these artists deserve their title and it can’t be taken away from them just because of their gender. I feel it would be sexism to dismiss male artists due to their lack of female members, just as much as it would be to dismiss bands with a female member. We shouldn’t support a band because of their members, we should support them because of their music!

Lyxzén did however address the fact that it is up to the male population to destroy this patriarchal system. Which is something I really do agree with! The only way something will change is if the way women are treated changes, the amount of music magazines I see that publish articles with female artists being sexualised actually disgusts me! Maybe if men didn’t allow this to happen, then more women would be open to the idea of starting a band?

I don’t know, these are just my personal opinions on the way this music industry is run.

Some female fronted bands I think are amazing are Blood Command and The Ghost Riders Of The Sky (a band I literally discovered after trees and have been annoyed about since they played and I missed them.) Both have their own edge and don’t follow the tpyical paramore route – I do love paramore but ‘pop punk’ isn’t the only thing women can do!

I will be on the lookout for new female artists as I do believe women need to make a bigger impact on this industry, and I really do respect Lyxzén for his speech (a speech he gives at every festival) hopefully it’ll help raise awareness- it has done for me!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 20.47.25

Thank you refused for making me think!!

*all photos are my own*


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