Busted/Motorpoint arena, Cardiff/ 24.05.16

The phrase “dreams do come true” was repeated amongst the arena as many saw their childhood favourites for the first time. 

Supports: Emma Blackery a British Youtuber with a punk pop solo career and the one hit wonders Wheatus (I feel bad calling them one hit wonders but everyone only knows teenage dirtbag). Both acts gave it their all, Emma proving that she was worth coming down early to the show and she will be the next big name in the industry. Wheatus brought the crowd together for a massive sing along, and also gained some new fans (me). Brendan gave Brendan Urie a run for his money with that impressive vocal range, he really made sounds I thought a guitar could only make. 
Despite their best efforts everyone only seemed to care about one thing: Busted! 

Immediately after Wheatus finished the production team got started by letting out a massive inflatable pig, visually bringing the metaphor pigs can fly to life. They then proceeded to give the crowd mini heart attacks every 5 minutes by turning the lights on and off. After about 20 minutes of mini heart attacks the lights finally went down low and the show began. 
Before this tour busted had previously stated that their fans were involved in a way that was never done before. That they would become part of the show, they didn’t lie. The entire backdrop of the show was made up of fans wearing pig masks. Which was both amazing and terrifying. 

However the most amazing part of the night was seeing all 3 of the boys together again. (And of course seeing all the hits live again) 
It honestly felt like no time had past. Even though I know they are all friend again I was expecting it to be awkward but it wasn’t. 

My favourite part of the night was seeing Matt’s face when the whole crowd was singing along. The joy and happiness just reminded me why I fell in love with this band, and music. All three members showed this expression throughout the night, making me so grateful for this opportunity to see them live again. I am so glad I never gave up on this band because that night was so special.

Since they were the first band I ever saw live it felt really strange watching them again 12 years later! I still loved every second though, guess I just am a big kid at heart. 

(I am really sorry this post is soo late, since the show I have had an exam, moved out, been to a festival, explored some of Cornwall and finally watched some Netflix without the guilt. I will try be more regular with uploads from now on) 

All images are my own 


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