My favourite season..

My favourite time of year is fast approaching and I almost can’t control my excitement…and no I am not talking about exam season.

It’s nearly festival season!! (I know festival season has already kicked off in America but I will never be a Coachella girl, give me Reading’s stinky toilets and muddy fields any day.)


Festivals have played a massive part in my life since 2011, the year I attended my first Reading Festival. I honestly look back at that year and wish I could back with my musically educated brain as that line up was incredible. But I am still glad my 13 year old self begged her parents to take her to see muse, as it started a tradition and I am now about to attend my 6th Reading Festival. Although the line up isn’t my favourite compared to previous years *cough* 2010 *cough* I still can’t picture spending august bank holiday any other way.

A lot has changed since 2011. The first thing I learnt at a festival was how to hide alcohol, as nobody would suspect a 13 year old sneaking it into the arena-thanks mum! But I now know a couple of tricks so I can’t really complain-I mean who would pick a £5 vodka and lemonade when you can just buy the lemonade? Another important lesson I have learnt is if there is nobody that I want to see I should head to a tent and check out some new music, because I always find a band I love-I mean thats how I discovered my favourite band.

Although it all started with Reading Festival which is known as the UK’s biggest ‘rock’ festival (I am tentatively using rock here because Fetty Wap..), I do love the small ones aka 2000 trees (a real ‘rock’ festival in my eyes). Obviously smaller festivals are nicer price wise, but they are also so much more chilled, Reading is filled with excited teenagers running around-me included- but 2000 trees is filled with music lovers and I adore that.

A festival is made by the people you share it with, I honestly love my “festival cru” and have so many lovely (drunk) memories (well what I can remember) with them all. But at the same time the people you meet at the festival can also make it a weekend to remember, I feel so privileged to have these memories. I mean I will never forget spending my birthday with a person that insisted he was a horse..

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 17.20.06.png

As I am basically counting down the days for my festival season to start-only a month left!! I thought I would give my festival lowdown.. enjoy!

Reading Festival. Richfield Avenue, Reading. 


Of course I had to start this with Reading festival, aka my second home. This festival introduced me to this way of life and I am eternally grateful. As I have said I could not imagine my August bank holiday spent another way, and I mean it I was considering not going to Reading this year and even the thought of going without caused me to buy a ticket.

Reading Festival, which is more commonly known as Reading and Leeds Festival, is held every year across August bank holiday weekend sharing a line up across both cities. Although the line up is the same Reading (in my opinion) is the better of the two. 1. Leeds rains more 2.Reading is the original 3. Reading always has the better closing headliner- and Reading had Green Day’s “secret set” back in 2012.

I personally always feel at home when I am back in those muddy fields, I have grown up attending this festival and I feel it has changed who I am. For starters without Reading I wouldn’t like half the music I do now, I would have never put my hair through the colours of the rainbow, I would have never gone in my first pit and most importantly I would have never attended a festival. I also wouldn’t have found out about The Blackout, which means that this photo wouldn’t exist.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 16.51.36.png

Unfortunately, Reading is getting loads of hate regarding its very mainstream line up in recent years. I do agree, I don’t like the line ups the way I used to, but at least now I can see the bands I love play tents which is always better than main stage. They festival is trying to please everyone and I don’t see a problem with that.

I think Reading and Leeds is the perfect way to end your summer. I mean Live music, a little sing along with a cider in your hand (just) sounds like heaven to me.

This years line up so far:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 13.03.37.png

Who I’m excited for:

Frank Carter and the Rattle Snakes, Good Charlotte, The Dillinger Escape Plan

2000 trees. Upcode farm,Cheltenham. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 17.00.18

Although I have only attended 2000 trees once, it is my favourite festival. Its like they have looked and my iPod picked a few artists, then thought of a few I would love. Every year I look at the line and just think ‘wow”. As this festival is only 5,000 people (Reading has 80,000 just for comparison)  the bands I adore are usually headliners therefore always have amazing set times.

2000 trees also have the best silent discos I have ever attended. I know the idea of a silent disco sounds stupid, but when you connect with someone because you have both been listening to the same station for the past five songs when everyone else keeps changing, you get over it-and you also sing along to AFI together.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 16.59.57

My year attending 2000 trees gave me a whole new outlook about festivals, as it was so small all the bands were walking around the arena (some even camped!!) interacting with ‘fans’. I saw a band play their last show-which was gutting because I actually really liked them- and I experienced so many bands I would have never heard about without this festival. It has made me appreciate music a whole lot more and how important it is to check out and support smaller artists.

The one thing I did miss was everything that happened in the woods, which is something I am 100% going to check out this year!

This years line up so far:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 13.04.43.png

Who I am excited for this year:

While she sleeps, The Bronx, Twin Atlantic

Boardmasters. Newquay, Cornwall. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.58.00.png

As I am from Newquay this festival is a must. I haven’t even purchased my ticket yet but I’m pretty sure I will be going since I can hear the festival from my bedroom-it would be silly not to. For me Boardmasters is great because I get to spend it with people from school, which makes a change from my beloved “festival cru”.

Boardmasters has two sites. One on the beach and one on the cliff. The beach site of the festival is free and is more focused on surfing and skateboarding with the odd beach session, this is the site I grew up attending as I never considered Boardmasters to (musically) be my thing. However, last year two of my favourite bands played so I figured a day ticket had to be done. Now I kind of understand why my whole school would is actually a good festival. I still don’t understand why people from Newquay would choose to camp as I have heard horror stories-and as I said I can hear the festival from my bedroom.

Most importantly Boardmasters is in Cornwall, therefore sell decent Cider which makes me-and most Cornish people- very happy!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.57.47.png

This years line up so far:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 13.01.29

Who I am excited for this year:

Kaiser Chiefs, Deadmau5

Radio One’s Big Weekend. Exeter. 

Every year Radio one hold a two day festival featuring big artists for free! However, there is one catch…you have to live in the surrounding area to secure a ticket (5% go to the rest of the UK which is nothing). Luckily Cornwall counts as the surrounding area of Exeter so I was able to secure a ticket-probably the first time I felt proud to be Cornish.

I can’t tell you my experience of this festival as I am yet to attend. But it is kicking off my festival season and I couldn’t be happier.

This years line up:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 13.05.24.png

Who I am excited to see:

Bring Me The Horizon, Twenty One Pilots

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 17.09.57.pngSo far these are the only festivals I am planning on going to, however if I had the money this list would be tripled in length. I best get saving for next year already..

I will 100% be posting more about festivals as the season get closer, as I am already struggling to control my excitement.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy your festival season!!

Sydney x


*Apart from the line ups all images are my own*



4 thoughts on “My favourite season..

  1. Aww I really enjoyed this post! I’ve been to reading twice and It’s probably my favourite because I love all genre’s and it’s got so much variety. Have you been to Download Festival? I think you’d enjoy it x


    1. Thank you!! It means a lot!! Reading holds a very special place in my heart haha definitely my favourite time of the year!! No I haven’t! Its a festival on my bucket list though, it just always clashes with exams x


      1. Haha tell me about it, I went to Download last year even though I had my final sociology exam worth 25% of my a level on the monday I got back. Safe to say, I had an E, and almost fell asleep half way through it x


      2. Thats the exact reason I didn’t go! I had one on the Thursday before and one on the Monday when I got back! I’m hoping next year I will be able to afford it/have the time off to go! x

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