Muse/O2 Arena, London/ 11.04.16

Who would have thought 3 boys from Teignmouth would end up headlining the O2 Arena in London. I’m sure muse didn’t when they first started out in 1994, but they did it. Ever since May last year at Radio One’s big weekend Muse have being touring their new album drones, and when tickets went on sale for their strip of UK shows the show was advertised as something special. This year we have seen Enter Shikari play with quadraphonic sound, while she sleeps go back to their routes and Muse play on a 360 stage.

The one downfall for this tour was the expense, don’t get me wrong I love spending money on bands, my favourite thing to is support artists I love but £80 for seated tickets seems a little pricey. Especially as I’ve seen posters of them playing some of my favourite venues for less then £10- can you imagine seeing muse for £10? Unfortunately that was 20 years ago so I just had to deal with the price, as they are continuing to grow as a band so it will probably just get more expensive. Honestly, I will alway prefer standing tickets, even during the show I just wanted be in the thick of it but if I was to see any band seated I think muse would be the one. And once I saw how amazing my seats actually were, especially compared to those that appeared to be in the heavens, I sat back and enjoyed the show.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.19.58.pngI have been a massive fan of muse for years, I actually thank them a lot for getting me back into the music I love now. If they weren’t my favourite band in 2010 then I wouldn’t have begged my parents to take me to reading festival to see them in 2011 and wouldn’t have found so many bands that I adore now-especially The Blackout. When I saw them back in 2011 I was considerably shorter than I am now, which being combined with my curse to always be stuck behind 6ft giants meant I was unable to see anything, and muse have been a band that people have always told me to stand back and watch so sitting allowed for me to witness the show.

And what a show it was!! They had so many things going on. The night started with drones flying down, and as I would describe it, they started synchronise ‘dancing’. Before the band even came on their was a massive show with these flying drones. Which I thought was pretty clever considering the name of this tour. However having this huge introduction set the bar pretty high for the rest of the evening.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.20.10.pngMuse kept reaching and raising this bar throughout the night. I went in thinking that they would just play some songs and have some fancy lights but no. They put an incredible amount of work into this show and I am still amazed. At the beginning of the show we were asked not to use flash photography, which at the time I considered to be strange but it soon became obvious why. They projected ‘films’ onto curtains during certain songs, which either added to the lighting or even showed a story. I have never seen something as creative as that, it allowed for those in seating to really enjoy the show  as the band looked so small running around on stage- I can imagine it got worse the further up you got, they must have looked like ants.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.20.41.pngI had seen the setlist before the show, and although it didn’t feature some of my favourite songs *cough* panic station *cough* it was still incredible. They obviously played all the hits, which brought different atmospheres to the night. It honestly felt like Madness and Plug in Baby were part of different shows, they were both incredible but created different vibes and with the added visual made it almost impossible to relate the two. So much happened it was actually hard to keep up. In some songs it was physically impossible to watch the band as they had so many things going on, and normally not being able to see the band would annoy me (the curse of being short) but I was so happy to sit back and watch the show!!

Okay thats a lie, I wasn’t happy to sit back at all. Although every time I stood up I felt so guilty because of the people behind me, it was almost impossible to sit back and watch muse. I did get over that guilt when some of my favourite songs came one and when the people in front of me stood up and I could no longer see. I know they were seated tickets but I’m pretty sure there is some unwritten rule that you don’t actually sit down?  Well in my head there is.

To all those people that were angry over the ticket price, and it not being worth it. You are wrong! In my eyes they were worth every penny, and even if it was too much you could have got ‘worse’ seats (you are still seeing muse so I wouldn’t exactly call it a bad ticket) for a cheaper price.

I really hope I get the chance to see them again, I even considered getting tickets for Sziget festival in Budapest. I was actually ready to buy the tickets and then realised it was a silly decision as my bank is already struggling to cope with the UK festivals I have planned.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 16.20.56.png

*All photos are my own*

Thanks for reading, Sydney x


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