LIVE REVIEW: Weezer!! 

Weezer/Brixton Academy, London/ 05.04.16

10 years of waiting, one massive promise and 4 albums later I finally got to see the almighty Weezer!

 Ever since I was a little girl I knew Weezer were a band I wanted to see, they became my favourite band accompanying me and my dad through our drives around Cornwall. I absolutely adored them, and to be honest I still do. I remember listening to the red album for the first time and thinking “this is one of best albums I have ever heard” and to this day it still is. From the moment I first heard dangerous I knew I needed to see them live, so I made my dad promise to take me.  Unfortunately, Weezer rarely come to the UK so I honestly thought I would never get the chance to see them-at least in the UK. But on the 15th of January they announced 2 shows in the UK, and I was lucky enough to get tickets for the London show (aka I woke up stupidly early and refreshed see tickets every 30 seconds).

As the show got closer I struggled to accept I was finally seeing them,  apart of me still can’t accept I have actually seen them! But I have!!

Before we arrived me and my dad made jokes all day about how the crowd would be full of “geeks” and how it would just be a massive singalong. Them jokes weren’t entirely wrong, throughout the night I saw countless people wearing shirts, glasses and even jumpers -I admire the jumper wearers I was melting in just a tshirt! The only thing we predicted that didn’t happen was the show being a singalong, everyone was screaming their hearts out-I could just tell that everyone surrounding me had waited years for this moment just like me.

 At first it didn’t feel real, I remember being overcome with emotions and then they played hash pipe and it finally sank in that I was actually seeing Weezer. I know how stupid that sounds but when you have been waiting for a moment for so long it is hard to believe it is happening.

The setlist was amazing, obviously ending with buddy holly but featuring a good range of old and new songs-luckily I had played the white album nonstop before the show so I was prepared for new material! Unfortunately they didn’t play teenage dirtbag…I’m joking, but some people I was standing next to actually said they wanted them to play it.

I would honestly say that it was one of the best nights of my life. I am so glad I made my dad promise me we would go all them years ago, and now I am mega excited for Reading and Leeds as Rivers left by saying they will back. The fact that I will (hopefully) see them twice in one year after I never thought I would amazes me.

Sorry this isn’t the best post but I really struggled to put into words how good this show was. I will always adore Weezer but I finally feel like my childhood is over, I guess it’s time to be an adult now!

Sydney X


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