LIVE REVIEW: While she sleeps!

Once again I am super sorry this is late, my life has been super busy that past few weeks I am actually surprised I have managed to fit this show in!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 16.12.04.pngWhile she sleeps/The Junction, Plymouth/ 24.03.15

Being home for easter meant I was finally able to attend a South west show, something which I haven’t done since A day to remember in 2014 (I am not counting Boardmasters, that is not a south west crowd). Luckily my easter break happened to be the same time as the very intimate While she sleeps tour. I was so excited for this show, as I have missed the mental south west crowds (we barely get bands down here so when they do come down the show is generally brutal but I love it) and since the closure of the White Rabbit I was finally able to see one of its many replacements.

Safe to say when I arrived I wasn’t expecting the venue to be an old pub, and I was very shocked to why While she sleeps decided to choose this venue. No complaints though because the second I walked in I could tell this would be a brilliant, slightly painful, night… and I was right!!

Until the show ended I didn’t realise how much I needed to attend a small intimate show, as recently all the shows I have recently attended have been at the Motorpoint Arena, as much as they were all great I just needed the sweaty pits. The energy a small show gives is astounding, you can almost feel everyone destress and just let loose. Everyone is there to have a great time, some people get scared of such ‘violent’ crowds at these shows but I have been in worse at a fall out boy show.  At first I questioned why sleeps decided to do such a small tour but now I understand. Smaller shows are so much better, there is no barrier stopping them from getting involved in the pits, likewise no barrier stopping us from getting on stage. In that moment we are all the same, in that moment you almost couldn’t tell who was in the band and who was just a fan. I would honestly recommend a small venue over a larger one any day, I mean a light show is impressive but it can’t beat the singer singing directly to your face whilst you offer him some of your jäger.

I think it goes without saying that sleeps were amazing. They had a very good setlist and an amazing stage presence. Anyone who has seen them before would know that, thats why I decided to go because I knew how amazing they would be. I felt privaleged to be a part of this night, sleeps have been a band I continue to see with the same group of people and each time I see them my love grows stronger, as does my relationship with this group. It is a night I will never forget and knowing I will see them in a few months at 2000 trees makes me extremely excited as I cannot wait to make more memories with this amazing band.

Also can we acknowledge the fact that the band seemed to appreciate the night as much as we did! As bands don’t come down south much I love it when they realise that we aren’t all farmers and quite a few of us will rock out hard, hopefully they (and many more bands) will keep coming down south before we lose all of our music venues!

So much respect for While she sleeps!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 16.12.14.pngThanks for reading, Sydney x



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