My fictional boyfriends..

No I do not mean I have a group of made of boys in my head, I mean fictional characters that I stupidly fell in love with. I think most literature students or ‘book worms’ can relate to the agonising feeling of falling in love with a character that will never exist. Not only do you have to face that problem but you also have to deal with movie portrayals not living up to your imagination, or even worse the movie portrayals making up admiration for the character grow stronger. So strong that you watch said movie over and over until you feel heartbroken (lets face it you only fall in love with characters that leave you heartbroken). Its a tragic love story.

Considering the amount of characters I have fallen for I feel like this a personality trait of mine, and I probably fell in love with Winnie the Pooh. Despite Pooh being full of joy and cuddly, I can say I am no longer in love with him! Likewise some of these characters I don’t see the appeal with anymore.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 14.55.05.pngIt all started in year 8 when every teenage girl was reading that black book with the red apple on the front. Yes I am ashamed to say I fell in love with Edward Cullen. I was young and not very experienced with literature texts, before anyone judges me. I remember reading Twilight and loving everything about him, how mysterious he was, he intelligence, his love for Bella. This series made me obsessed with Vampires, I wanted to be Bella. He was my own personal form of heroin, and at the time I was an addict. I think its safe to say when I read new moon I was heartbroken. I was so invested in the story, it is crazy to think that how emotional attached I was to Edward and Bella. I remember finishing the series in a matter of weeks, and being filled with joy when the eventually got married. I still enjoy the story, but I don’t think I would claim to be in love with Edward anymore, however I would still consider myself a Vampire lover. I could go onto explain my love for other Vampire’s in literature *cough* the Salvator brothers *cough* but the reasons are pretty similar to my love for Edward.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 14.55.28.png

Between year 8 and year 10 I read many books, some for school and some for enjoyment. This included the Harry Potter series and I nearly included them on this list but as much as I loved all the characters none of them stole my heart the way Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray did. I know this may be controversial as Dorian is self obsessed, and some argue even homosexual- which means I would stand no chance. But I loved his charm, his tortured soul and at the end his change of heart. Just like every female character in this novel I fell in love with him. Mr Gray became my dream man: the power, the money, the glamour, the lust- and no I am not talking about the guy that makes you sign a contract. In my opinion Wilde’s Mr Gray was the original and the best, he knew he only wanted his girls for sex and got it, it was his business but he didn’t feel the need to treat it like business. I will always adore Dorian and every time I read the book I find another lovable quality.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 14.58.32.pngMy next ‘boyfriend’ also came from the literary canon as there is a reason he became a famous love icon. Personally I didn’t fall for the Bronte’s protagonists. Don’t get me wrong they are brilliant novels, but I didn’t like how submissive the leading ladies were considering how independent both author’s appeared to be. Mr Rochester and Heathcliff controlled Jane and Catherine and personally I didn’t feel they were “relationship goals”. However, Jane Austen’s Mr Darcy is another story. Again like both of my previous lovers, I loved his mysterious side-maybe that is why I no longer love Winnie the Pooh? I loved his determination to get Elizabeth’s attention, and when it all mattered how he used his money to help the most important thing to her. Then I watched the Colin Firth’s adaptation and was captivated even more by the character. I laughed and I cried, its a beautiful adaptation of a beautiful love story.

And finally, of course I have to mention Shakespeare. However, unlike most people I don’t see the the hype about Romeo, and yes Leonardo DiCaprio is brilliant and playing him but I just didn’t fall in love. If you think about the the star crossed lovers relationship, and realise it lasted a week it kind of puts you off the idea of Romeo. He found a girl he was forbidden to be with, married her, got deported, then they both died. If you asked anybody in my literature class they would tell you I was in love with Hamlet, the story-yes, the character-no. I do not envy Ophelia in any way. Weirdly, the Shakespearian character I adore the most is Puck. Although he messes everything up, he makes Shakespeare’s famous comedy, comical. He acts as cupid but messes everything up in the process. But despite his actions, true love still finds a way. Some critics have argued that he is the most important character within the play, and I completely agree, his capricious spirit and fun-loving humour create a brilliant atmosphere and a massive reason to why I love him.

They are my fictional boyfriends. I adore many more characters, but if I wrote down every single one with a reason for loving that character it would be a novel in itself.

Sydney x.

*Apart from Colin Firth, all pictures are my own.



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