All time low/Good charlotte/10.02.16/Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena

Okay, so I saw all time low and good charlotte on Wednesday, I have always loved both bands- at one point all time low were my favourite band. So this night was a massive throwback to my younger teen years, I think its safe to say I was not expecting to be mentally catapulted back to my 14 year old self.

As I had already seen all time low various times in the past when they first announced the tour I didn’t rush to buy a ticket, and then they announced good charlotte as the support. I was 6 when good charlotte called it a day so I never got to see them live, so as soon as they were announced I knew I needed to go. So yes, I was going for the support but I knew I loved all time low so I didn’t feel bad.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 13.40.35.png

I am finding it hard to take in that I actually saw good charlotte’s first performance after 6 years. I mean how does one process that? I have never seen so many people hyped for a support band, apart from the young all time low fans I think everyone else was extremely excited. They were everything I expected, brilliant live performance, amazing stage presence they really didn’t disappoint. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was them to use a few all time low/blink 182 style jokes, however it didn’t steer away from their performance. They even hinted at returning later this year-which I am already extremely excited about. Finally being able to hear songs like ‘The Anthem’ and ‘Life styles of the rich and famous’ completely made the night for me, I felt like the night had ended once they had finished.

But, that was only the beginning. Whilst they were setting up the stage for all time low I had time to process that I finally saw good charlotte, which just consisted of me texting my friends telling them how starstruck I felt. Before all time low came on I was still really worried I wouldn’t enjoy them as much as honestly I wasn’t the biggest fan of ‘Future Hearts’, I’m more of a ‘Put up or Shut up’ kinda girl!

But then all time low came on and I was suddenly 14 again. During the night I found out I actually adored the new album, however I still got overly excited when they played ‘Poppin’ Champagne’ and ‘Breakout! Breakout!’-and when I say overly excited I mean i squealed like a little girl when they announced they were playing these!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 13.41.32.png

Like all time low fashion they slowed down half way through and played a few songs, including ‘Therapy’ and ‘Missing you’- I can’t explain the emotions I felt during this part of the set. Therapy has always been a song I have adored and when they played it every memory of when they were my favourite band came rushing back and I realised how much I have changed. In that second I realised (despite me insisting I wasn’t) I am still a all time low fangirl at heart.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 13.41.08.png

Overall, the show felt like a massive throwback, I felt like a child again and I loved every second. I guess both bands will stay with me forever, despite me insisting I’ve grown up. I actually feel that now I am 18 (although I feel so old at the show) I can appreciate the music more, its not just about how many bras Jack can get on his microphone stand its about the journey that the band have been on and I am proud to be part of it.

*All my own images*


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