LIVE REVIEW: Shikari Sound System

Shikari Sound System/28.01.2016/The Bunker, Cardiff


After missing their set at Reading Festival a few years back, when this was announced I knew I had to go.

I have been to a few DJ sets at Bunker before, so I didn’t really know what to expect.I knew they would play a few Shikari remixes but I was just expecting the same atmosphere as the Don Broco DJ in December. I was so wrong, the room had better atmosphere than some concerts I have been to. Obviously the remixes of Shikari songs went down a treat, but it felt like the crowd was full of energy for 2 hours straight, not just during their songs.

Personally, I have experienced people not giving Shikari a chance because “they don’t have the talent like other artists in this music scene” however Sound System prove all these people wrong. I guess I understand where this judgement came from, as a lot of the music heavily features electronic sounds, and people assume that any music that is made on a computer does not involve any talent, when in reality it is just as difficult as creating an album with real instruments. Luckily Shikari Sound System really did prove that the members of Enter Shikari have talent, they were able to remix songs live which still played through smoothly- I don’t know about you but I know I couldn’t do that.

Enter Shikari really proved why they have such a good reputation on Thursday night. Not all bands are able to achieve such energy, let alone on their side project. Obviously I would suggest Sound System to Enter Shikari fans, but if they are playing a festival or a small club near you then take the time to watch a few songs and I am sure it is something you will never regret, fan of Enter Shikari or not.



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