My next chapter!

Hello again, as you can tell from my previous post, I am officially finished with University!! (I am VERY happy about this, I will miss the people, the place but not the work) The last couple of months have taught me that I hate the education system, I LOVE learning but not how we do it […]

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Monthly Music // April 2018

Different one for me as this has a ‘whatever I could work to theme’…aka musicals or throwbacks. Some would find it boring, but I actually had the best time. Also May is my last month of uni so hopefully these posts will be full of exciting discoveries from now on- also I have many things […]

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Monthly Music // March 2018

*Disclaimer* there may be a female fronted/member kind of theme this month as I started the month celebrating International Woman’s day and realised how much I love some of these bands. I did not intend for this to become an International woman’s day post, but I also think we should celebrate women and everything they […]

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S M I L E // March 2018

Hello again, this is that part of the month where I share a handful of the things that have made me smile during the month of March! Tattoo Number Four  I’ve been wanting this one for a while now, and when I saw the artist had an opening coming up I HAD to jump on […]

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Monthly Music // Feb 2018!

Ahh, I’ve been so excited to start this post (series). If you’ve read my blog before you are probably aware of my love for music (as the majority of my posts are about it), my interest in it is the main reason I started this blog however the type of posts I was writing before […]

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